A health & fitness blog based in Cornwall.

We are two very different characters with a joint initiative – to explore more of our surroundings, challenge our views and write about our experiences in Cornwall and beyond. We’re crazy about sport, health and fitness, and are constantly exploring how the environment shapes our pursuits.

We hope you enjoy our ramblings and we welcome your feedback and ideas. To learn more about the characters behind Bee Outdoors, read on to see how we’d describe one another and our passion for the great outdoors…





R has an incredible energy, unfazable optimism and creative nature. She is stubborn as an Ox and has the face of an Ass. Whilst having very close similarities we also have some fundamental differences, which is perhaps what makes us such good chums. My ambition is to write about scary outdoorsy things so attractively that she one day the light switch flicks and she becomes an absolute nutcase. I know full well that getting halfway to that stage will be difficult.

You will often find R reading a book by the sea or running along the cliff path that has a hefty handrail. Sometimes, if the waves are below 2 inches, you MIGHT even see her up to her ankles in the sea – although these sightings have been widely disputed. Lady Buncington is the artistic and literary powerhouse that drives Bee Outdoors forwards. It pains me to say it but in her absence there wouldn’t be anything interesting to read!




Meet Jon Baglow – my wordy wingman and co-conspirator.

To cut a ‘long’ story short, Jon is a freakishly tall technical guru with a relentless enthusiasm for adventure and an absolute distaste for the mundane.

In fact, you could say he’s the guinea pig of this blog. Member of the rugby team, cricket team, let’s wear hotpants rowing team. (Jack of all trades springs to mind) And if he’s not messing about on a field or in a boat with fellow testosterone fueled junkies, then you can find him in the gym, on a board or in an ice bath, with testosterone fueled junkies.

You catch my drift.

Meanwhile I’ll be holding on to that handrail, and wondering if he’ll return to base in one piece.

I guess you could say that my ambition is to find an outdoor activity that allows me to out-perform this annoyingly active individual. I thought running might be that, but he undoubtedly has an advantage over me by possessing limbs that are several feet longer than my own.

Admittedly, we’re like chalk and cheese, but we do share a few fundamental things in common. We love lunchtimes, we love the Kernow and we love being outdoors.


Welcome to our blog. 

While we may be reading the same book, we’re most definitely not on the same page.


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